ACFW Conference Ties

As I ate a meal at conference last week, one of the men said something that made lots of sense: “We come together every year for these few days. We love the Lord and we love story. And that’s all we need to be community.”

He’s not wrong. We are a community that writes the stories with which God gifts us. These stories are touched with divine intervention to speak to a world that hurts and longs for God. These conference days out of the year are when we worship together, draw inspiration from one another, pray together, and share the stories. We also learn from those worthy words of wisdom spoken by seasoned writers.

Don’t misunderstand. Just because we’re Christians, the road isn’t paved with flower petals. Our books aren’t published because we’re Christians or members of ACFW. We still must work on our craft and be writers of those stories. Writing is hard work. Publishing it can be harder still. Marketing is excruciating for writers who by very nature are introverts who’d rather be behind the computer screen than in the public eye.

Why do it all? God gives the story. We must write down His inspiration. We hope as we write to impact the lives of those who read the stories. We write to impact people. People God loves who pick up a work of fiction and find His inspiration in the story.

Is there any better reason to write?


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